Seth Sternberger of 8 Bit Weapon sent in the following announcement:

We thought this would be something you could appreciate. We teamed up with MJ Mahon to create a new digital performance synth out of a standard Apple II c/e! No cards or other hardware required. Its based on MJ’s original rt.synth, but streamlined for performance.

Introducing the *Digital Music Synthesizer* for Apple II personal computers!

The DMS is the only wavetable synthesizer for the Apple //e, IIc, and IIc+ computers that is suitable for performance use. It supports up to 8 voices, which can be selected from the 10 on disk, and played (monophonically) from the Apple II keyboard. It can be used to record a performance for later playback as well. Also, the DMS doesn’t require a monitor! Just turn on your Apple II and when the drive light goes off, then hit the space bar you’re ready to play live!

Sounds on disk are: Acoustic Piano, Vibraphone, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Trumpet, Clarinet, square wave, sawtooth wave, sine wave, and Banjo!

Here is a mp3 demo*:

*Sounds EQ’d with some noise filtering.

Requirements: A2.DMS requires an Apple //e, IIc, IIc+, or IIgs computer with 80-column capability, at least one 5.25? floppy disk drive. Monitor is optional. DMS Instructions can be downloaded from here.

More info here:

DMS is USD $19.95, free shipping worldwide.