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RetroMacCast interviews the Huston Brothers

RetroMacCast interviews the Huston Brothers, former Apple employees from ‘back in the day’ that have recently auctioned off a collection of early Apple prototype hardware and other rare, valuable memorabilia. The interview contains interesting historical anecdotes that may surprise Apple II aficionados — so we won’t spoil the podcast by revealing anything here.

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“Lost” Dharma II Plus replica on eBay

Take an otherwise unremarkable Apple II Plus, put some stickers on it that make it resemble the Dharma computer from the popular television series “Lost” and viola… you have the makings for a clever way to potentially get a little extra moolah out of that plain old machine.

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ADTPro 1.1.5 released

With the release of ADTPro 1.1.5, Laser 128 and Franklin 500 users get support for their built-in serial ports (among other enhancements). David Schmidt’s full announcement is attached: A little help here for our clone friends: the Laser 128 can now go full throttle at 115.2kbps, and the Franklin Ace 500 correctly auto-selects its modem […]