With the release of ADTPro 1.1.5, Laser 128 and Franklin 500 users get support for their built-in serial ports (among other enhancements). David Schmidt’s full announcement is attached:

A little help here for our clone friends: the Laser 128 can now go full throttle at 115.2kbps, and the Franklin Ace 500 correctly auto-selects its modem port. The included DOS ADT program is similarly enhanced, though experiments are still ongoing there for nibble copying. I also implemented the main idea behind Oliver Schmidt’s LOADER.SYSTEM to eliminate the need for a BASIC program selector, significantly speeding up boot and launch. Side benefit: Apple ][s with 64k and no Applesoft in ROM now run without any modification/renaming of files. I left BASIC.SYSTEM on the distribution diskette so as to not sentence everyone to ProDOS selector jail when you leave ADTPro.


Release 1.1.5 – March 17, 2010

New functionality:

* [Client] Implemented native assembly ProDOS selector/launcher eliminating the need for Applesoft; resulting in 30% faster booting and executing from floppy

* [Client] Laser 128 machines can now use their native modem port at 115.2kbps using the SSC port 2 setting

Bug fixes:

* [Client] Better automatic serial device detection for Franklin Ace 500 computers (select Modem vs. Printer port)