Now and then I come across a piece of Apple II hardware I haven’t seen before and want to learn more about, or an item so rare and interesting that you can’t help but appreciate for it’s historical or collectible value.

Today, courtesy of my friend James Littlejohn, we’re looking at the Apple //e Functional Test and Slot Test cards, circa 1982. They are a set, which included an assortment of cables and software that Apple service technicians used to test and diagnose Apple //e motherboards. The especially nice thing about this kit, is that it is complete; all the hardware, cables and a copy of the software and technical procedures are in the box.

Apple //e Functional Test Card
Apple //e Slot Tester

I’m betting that even if the cards and software are still functional, they might be of limited use on any Apple II other than the original, un-enhanced Apple //e. The software would likely balk at the enhanced ROMs of a newer machine. Still, it might be fun to try them out and see what happens.

I’ve attached a PDF of the Technical Procedures (10 pages) for anyone curious about it.