Garnet Ulrich announced cAndy Apple 1.0, an Apple II emulator for Android smartphones via the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup. Garnet’s complete posting follows:

I currently have cAndy Apple 1.0 available for free on the android market and it is functional. A much improved, 1.5 version is available outside the market and I need beta testers to try it out. It is available for download at:

Just install the apk and have fun. It supports 2 diskette drives, read/write, runs Ultima V and many other features. I’ve run a lot of classic arcade games as well like pacman, burgertime, microwave etc. and they all work fine as far as I’ve tested.

Please take a minute to post questions, comments, problems, suggestions about the emulator to the google groups forums.

I’ve worked hard to make improvements based on user comments so hopefully it will be worth your time. This is a hobby project for me so you’ll be helping out a volunteer effort.

Thank you.

Garnet Ulrich

The direct link to the file area for this download is: