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cAndy Apple 1.0 for Android announced

Garnet Ulrich announced cAndy Apple 1.0, an Apple II emulator for Android smartphones via the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup. Garnet’s complete posting follows: I currently have cAndy Apple 1.0 available for free on the android market and it is functional. A much improved, 1.5 version is available outside the market and I need beta testers to try […]

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Apple II Quickies (03-04-10)

Nick Westgate via comp.emulators.apple2, posted his discovery of Apple2JS, an Apple II emulator written in Javascript by Gil Megidish. Popular Science has posted 137 years of back issues online, for free. PopSci has published several articles on the Apple II, Apple III and Steve Wozniak over the last 30+ years. More quickies coming in soonโ€ฆ […]