The Free Tools Association announced the release of the core source code from the ActiveGS plug-in used on the Virtual Apple ][ website. The code, which is based largely on the Kegs 0.91 emulator. This version of the kernel has been modified to integrate improvements and bug fixes.

Active development on the new plug-in was started during the summer of 2009 when the final versions of the ActiveGS 2.x core was being released. The need to improve the speed, control, and the size of the plug-in were the main driving factors in this update.

Version 3.x includes the following improvements:

+ Upgraded Kegs to 0.91 Core
+ Added Transwarp support on Mac OSX
+ Reduced by 30% .xpi size for faster download
+ Full .NIB support (cf. Zoyon Patrol)

The following fixes are also in the code:

* Safari rendering on Snow Leopard
* Firefox/Win32 Apple ][ display
* Firefox/Win32 space key
* Minor Improvement on file selector

The purpose in releasing this code now is to spur further development and addition of features. The source current source file, Kegs 3.0.242, is the same as the version of the ActiveGS Plugin. The wrapper that is used in the website is not included in the archive.

You can download the source code file from the ActiveGS Plugin page at:

Direct file download link: