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NadaNet 3.1 released

Michael Mahon announced the release of NadaNet 3.1 via Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.apple2 today. The latest version of NadaNet, version 3.1, is now released. This is a minor update, containing one new command, &PEEKPOKE, providing a reliable atomic primitive for acquiring a lock in a multiprocessor environment. It supplements the existing &PEEKINC command. In addition, the […]

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Apple II Quickies (05-19-10)

The guys at Mac software developer Panic use an iPad to load “Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)”, a demo program written in Applesoft BASIC, onto an Apple //e via it’s cassette port. Proof positive that Apple continues to (indirectly) support the Apple II; products like the Macintosh and iPad are among the best Apple II […]

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Cecil Fretwell (1936-2010)

Charles “Cecil” Fretwell, noted Apple II technical writer, analyst and reviewer passed away May 11, 2010. His numerous publishing credits include articles that appeared in Call-A.P.P.L.E., TechAlliance, the APDA Journals, Assembly Lines, inCider/A+ and NAUG. Cecil specialized in programming utilities, and dissecting and documenting code. He frequently analyzed versions of AppleWorks, ProDOS, and BASIC.System to […]

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Slotless 30MHz accelerator for IIGS announced

The following was received from the team at BrainSystems (via Bill Martens) today: BrainSystems Is Proud to Announce GSBarnDoor Accelerator 13 May 2010 Finally, The ponies are let loose! You want horse power? You are fixing to see horse power! GSBarnDoor is the latest in Apple IIgs Accelerator technology. No longer will acceleration require a […]