Rich Dreher has posted an update that the CFFA 3000 card will be delayed at least until September 2010. Rich also posted additional information on upcoming features of the new card which we’ve re-printed here.

  • Disk images files can be used from both a USB drive and a CF card at the same time.
  • If a USB device is present at boot time, we wait for it to finish connecting.
  • FAT performance is greatly improved for disk image files that are not highly fragmented (we now spend a fraction of a second analyzing the file up-front, and it sped up a GS/OS boot (with lots of extras installed) from 102 seconds down to 72).
  • The interactive menu screens are coming along, but many menu choices are stubs that are not hooked up yet. Preferences can be stored in the AVR’s EEPROM.
  • The “Upgrade CPLD” feature works, allowing a field upgrade of the CPLD logic from a file on a CF card.
  • Automatically installs an Apple IIgs CDA that allows quick access to the CFFA menus without having to reboot.