Next week, we begin our on-site coverage of KansasFest. I know a lot of our readers wish they could be there in person but couldn’t make it. So, A2Central will try to keep you vicariously involved with daily write-ups and information on new developments. This year, we’ve borrowed Em Maginnis and Andy Molloy from Juiced.GS to help us cover the event and keep the posts timely (unlike last year). Thanks, guys — I very much appreciate the assistance!


For breaking news and info, you’ll want to follow the KansasFest blog via RSS or email. You can also read Kirk Mitchell’s updates on Twitter and follow the #kfest hashtag on Twitter to get the news as it’s happening. Kirk will also be posting his own daily reports via newsgroup comp.sys.apple2 on Usenet. Don’t have Usenet access? Try Google Groups.

Join the discussion on the official KansasFest mailing list!

We’ll also be chatting on A2Central’s IRC channel at: on port 6667 — join us!

-=THANKS=- to Ken Gagne for his assistance in corralling the links for this post. Check out his Apple II blog, it’s one of our recommended reads.