David Schmidt released an updated ADTPro over the weekend. We’re re-posting David’s announcement from CSA2 here for anyone who missed it.

The big news for this release is the tremendous help and collaboration I’ve received from users around the globe. The server now has translations in:

French – thanks to Antoine VIGNAU
Spanish – thanks to Gabriel Alejandro Calomeni
Korean – thanks to Steven Y. Choi (since version 1.1.5)

The rest amounts to simple bug fixes on my part; the most interesting of which is for Uthernet users, where the Dir-Esc-Dir-Esc dance is no longer required to get connected.


New functionality:

  • [Server] French translation provided by Antoine VIGNAU
  • [Server] Spanish translation provided by Gabriel Alejandro Calomeni

Bug fixes:

  • [Client] Ethernet version can now connect immediately after startup without having to do DIR commands first
  • [Client] Clearing out system memory bitmap enables bootstrapping on top of BASIC.SYSTEM (the not-quite- bare metal bootstrapping scenario)
  • [Server] Better button handling when disconnecting and otherwise interrupting transfers
  • [Server] Changes to bootstrapping pacing interval affect an active transfer in real time