As promised at KansasFest, Martin Haye has released version 1.1 of Super-Mon and NakedOS. Super-Mon is a souped up extension of the Apple II System Monitor. It’s paired with NakedOS, a fast and small operating system for the 5¼” Disk ][. Both are CC0 licensed.

Changes include:

– NakedOS works with a Disk ][ in any slot (not just slot six)
– Better NakedOS compatibility with various peripheral cards and the Apple IIc
– Increased tolerance of drive speed differences
– Super-Mon supports a one-step “label and assemble” idiom that’s handy for writing loops
– Several bug fixes
– Now distributed as a Shrinkit disk archive (SDK), as well as DSK
– Presentation notes from KansasFest are online

A grateful tip of the hat to KFesters who lent their IIc and IIe computers for compatibility testing during the fest.

Read more about these tools or download at: