Australian Apple II enthusiast Wade Clarke has released Leadlight, a “survival horror” interactive fiction game (i.e. text adventure) for the Apple II.

The premise of the game is that you are Belinda Nettle, a teenage student attending Linville Girls High School. While studying in the library one afternoon, Belinda falls asleep — but when she wakes up, everything is changed. Something horrific stalks the school’s grounds, and Belinda’s classmates aren’t who they once were. You must help her survive the night and escape, or Belinda will surely die.

Leadlight was developed with the Eamon gaming system. It’s available for download and can be played on a real Apple II. Or, you can play it online with your web browser using one of the available emulator plug-ins. See the site for details.

Wade Clarke is also known as Aeriae, a Sydney-based producer and composer of electronic music. Check out his amazing YouTube videoclip for the track “AMay” from his album Hold R1. The animation for the video was created using Fantavison for the Apple II. I’ve watched it a few times and I’m rather at a loss for words to describe how awesome I think it is.