Apple II Forever!

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Echoes of KFest podcast

The KansasFest committee, having recently published an extensive video record of KansasFest 2010’s sessions, is now making the audio of some of those recordings available separately. The Echoes of KFest podcast debuted with Mark Simonsen’s keynote speech. Catch future episodes by subscribing to the podcast in iTunes.

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Apple II rev 0 replica boards on eBay

Mike Willegal is selling his Apple II revision 0 reproduction kits on eBay. These kits are accurate replicas of the original motherboard, and use the original vintage parts wherever possible. All you have to do is assemble (that means solder) the kit and add your own ROMs to boot it old-school style. There aren’t many […]

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KFest 2011 – Go Back in Time

The Original Time Master ][ Revealed at KFest 2010 We made Contact. Come to Kansas City next July and Make 2011 become 20][ – Experience a Blast from the Past! – You never know what you’ll see. KansasFest 2011 – You’ve got ][ Be there! – 19-24, July – 2011 – Rockhurst University, Kansas City.