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Posted inHardware

CFFA3000 second prototype assembled

Rich Dreher posted an 08/18/10 progress update on the CFFA3000. The news is excellent so far with the new card “working as expected”, but Rich says there’s more testing yet to done. The improved CFFA will add floppy disk emulation with disk image support for .nib, .dsk and .2mg currently in the works and other […]

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Super-Mon/NakedOS version 1.1 released

As promised at KansasFest, Martin Haye has released version 1.1 of Super-Mon and NakedOS. Super-Mon is a souped up extension of the Apple II System Monitor. It’s paired with NakedOS, a fast and small operating system for the 5¼” Disk ][. Both are CC0 licensed. Changes include: – NakedOS works with a Disk ][ in […]