Can it finally be true? Has someone created a mass storage option for the Apple IIc? YES!! Robert Justice has posted EXCITING NEWS that he has developed a working SmartPort-based compact flash interface. Rob’s post from CSA2 is attached:

Hi All,

I have been working on building a compact flash adapater that uses the SmartPort interface via the external disk connector on the Apple //c. I have hand wired a prototype and have this working so that I can boot ProDOS from it. The firmware in the AVR supports 4 partitions on the CF. I have also used the DOS.MASTER games image and that works fine also.

Details are in a quick write up at this link:

Hope you guys find it interesting.


Robert’s site contains a wealth of technical information (with more on the way) including source code and other documentation. It appears to be an open project for now. No word yet on if it’s destined to eventually become a commercial product — if it does, I’m betting it will be a popular one.