The A2Command project team (Payton Byrd, Oliver Schmidt, and Greg King) are pleased to announce the full release of A2Command Version 1.0. A2Command is a full-featured File and Disk Manager for the Apple II line of computers with 65c02 processors and 80-column video cards (Enhanced //e, //c, IIgs). A2Command uses the Orthodox File Manager paradigm made popular by Norton Commander and includes features such as file copying, renaming, and deletion as well as disk image operations on DSK, BIN, PO, and HDV disk images.

A2Command is an open source project released under the BSD license. Users may modify the code for whatever purpose they see fit as long as original copyrights remain. All source code, documentation, and issue tracking may be accessed from the A2Command project website which is located at

Since A2Command is a community project, the project team would like to announce the opportunity for an A2Command user to document the software and earn $50 in the process! Entries for the documentation bounty will be accepted through March 31. The winner will get a full recognition in the next major release of A2Command as well as having their documentation posted on the A2Command website as well as in TEXT format in the A2Command distribution media. Entrants are encouraged to liberally describe the features of A2Command and to use screen shots of the software running in an emulator to provide visual references for users.

Finally, the A2Command team would like to thank the 100+ people who have downloaded and tested the pre-release versions of A2Command. It is only through the help of the Apple II community that projects such as A2Command can become quality software that serves the needs of the entire community.