After weeks of hinting, Mike Willegal has posted a video podcast demonstrating his latest project: The Brain Board. The Brain Board is a custom 2 bank firmware card; the first PROM bank contains the Apple 1 Monitor, cassette driver, Integer BASIC and some special code that combined, Mike has named the “Wozanium Pack”. The second PROM bank is empty and could be used for anything else e.g. Apple ROM images, etc.

With the Brain Board, you can have your Apple II work like an Apple 1. You’ll be able to run those older programs that otherwise might require (sometimes extensive) modification to run.

Mike expects to be shipping Brain Board kits by the end of March for $59 USD. More details will be released later. You’ll also have the option of buying unprogrammed PROMs if you just want a firmware card to experiment with.

Direct link to video: Brain Board Introduction