Vince Briel will be conducting a KansasFest workshop this year to build his new A2MP3 card. Vince demoed a prototype of the card a couple of years ago at KFest. Included in the $99 workshop fee are all parts needed to build the card, along with Vince’s expert guidance (please bring your own soldering iron).

The card plugs into an internal Apple II slot. It accepts a USB memory stick and will play MP3s located on the stick through your Apple II. This will be the first time the card is available to the public, and these cards will be unique because they will have ‘KansasFest 2011′ silkscreened on the circuit board.

You can sign up for Vince’s workshop as part of the online KansasFest registration process.

I’ve built several of Vince’s kits, including the Apple-I Replica, PockeTerm, and Altair 8800micro (well, I paid him to build the Altair–all those front mounted switches, whew!), and have found them to be of high quality. He’s a helpful and enthusiastic teacher too.