Apple II writer, editor, podcaster, programmer, advocate, and friend Ryan Suenaga passed away yesterday. The Hawai’i Star Advertiser reports that Ryan was hiking the Olomana Trail with friends when he suffered a fatal fall.

Ryan’s contributions to the Apple II community include being the editor-in-chief of Juiced.GS, GEnieLamp, and Apple II News & Notes; writing for; producing the Apple II’s second-ever podcast, A2Unplugged; programming a variety of telecommunications utilities; founding and moderating several online communities, including on Syndicomm Online; getting Steve Wozniak to attend KansasFest 2003; and more.

The loss of Ryan, who turned just 44 this past January, comes as a shock to his many friends. Blog posts dedicated to his memory have already been published by Eric Shepherd, Tony Diaz, Em Maginnis, Juiced.GS, KansasFest, Open Apple, and Ryan Ozawa. An archive of Ryan’s last one thousand tweets has also been collected.

Words cannot describe how much richer we all have been for having had Ryan Suenaga in our lives, and how much poorer we are to face a future without him.

Editor & publisher of Juiced.GS, the Apple II community's longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II; co-host of the Star Trek podcast Transporter Lock; digital nomad at Roadbits.