Dear All,

Brutal Deluxe Software and Arnaud Brossard from make more than 500 Apple IIgs disks available to you.

These disks are from the French IIgs Club and are the complete sets of the public domain and diskazines of the month club.

The 491 disks of the GS Club and the 66 diskazines of GS Infos are available as file archives at:
or as independent disks at:

Antoine Vignau, Olivier Zardini and Arnaud Brossard

Dear All,

Brutal Deluxe Software has imaged nearly 200 disks from the Big Red Computer Club and nearly 60 disks from The Public Domain Exchange.

Those disks are from the archives of the French IIgs Club and are freely available from:

Readme and index files can also be downloaded from the same repository. If someone owns the missing disks, please contact us.


Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini
Brutal Deluxe Software