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From the summary:

1 MHz is back to shout a quick hello before KansasFest 2011. Meanwhile, Anthony Martino and Henry Courbis say their goodbyes as UltimateApple2 and ReactiveMicro both go on hiatus. But then Henry Courbis says hello again almost immediately by scanning the Apple Service Technical Procedures Manuals and tossing them to for hosting. I also take a quick gander at AppleIIGo, a new Apple II emulator written in Java that can run on (among other things) mobile phones and modern web browsers. Then I go in search of the poetic and lyrical in video games with Chris Lepine’s Artful Gamer. Finally, I get tangled in hilarious red tape with Douglas Adams and Infocom’s oh-so-funny and oh-so-difficult game Bureaucracy.