David Schmenk amazed KansasFest attendees with his game ‘Escape From the Homebrew Computer Club 3D’. It’s a first person shooter, minus the shooting, that uses low res graphics to produce a 2 1/2 dimension game running on all models of the Apple II. The object is to help Woz find his way out of a multi-level building while avoiding the pursuit of assorted baddies from IBM, Atari and Radio Shack — all who want to steal his newly-demoed Apple computer.

The game features a high frame rate, joystick support, power-ups and a timer to compete against your friends. Here at KansasFest, folks have been having fun playing it on an Apple IIc+ set up in the dorm common area.

We hope to have a video of his presentation up soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this YouTube video of HBCC. You can download the game through links provided in the YouTube description, or play it on Virtual Apple ][ through your web browser.