I scan eBay a couple of times each day and occasionally amid the cliched ‘rare’ items, I’ll find something interesting. For example, this Apple IIc-equipped electric car. According to the seller, the //c was used to monitor the car’s performance.

Yet another ‘rare’ new in the box Apple //c system with a $2500 price tag has shown up. EDIT: Apparently, it sold! That’s the THIRD (or fourth or fifth depending on how you classify new) sealed //c system to appear in as many years on eBay. There was a time when you could pick up a new system like this one for around $400-$600 USD, but recently speculators, collectors and uninformed buyers have driven up seller’s price expectations — a trend that seems to be spreading to other areas of the Apple retro-computing hobby.

Check out this ‘open’ box and allegedly new Apple //c system which started out nearly in the $2K range but has since seen a few price drops. How low will the seller go until someone decides to buy? EDIT: The Apple //c sold shortly after we posted our article. Maybe one of our readers jumped on it.