Ivan Drucker posted an update to NuInput, a super fast (and tiny) replacement routine for Applesoft’s INPUT and GET commands.

Hey Applesoft tinkerer, do you think INPUT and GET are pretty weak? I do too, so I wrote NuInput. It’s a powerful and easy to use replacement for those anemic commands, providing lots of control and flexibility over what can be entered at each prompt.

If you already checked out NuInput 1.0, have a look at the new version; it uses 33% less memory, is simpler to use, has more features, and is much better documented. Source code is also available.

NuInput 2.0 offers the following improvements over INPUT:

  • Accepts comma, colon, and double-quote
  • Accepts entry up to 255 characters
  • Neat cleanup of wrapped text to right of cursor
  • CTRL-C breaks immediately and with cursor at any position
  • DELETE deletes if at end of line (backspaces otherwise)

NuInput also offers the following selectable features for each prompt:

  • Restrict enterable keys to a specific list
  • Provide a default entry
  • Maximum entry length (up to 255)
  • Specific control keys (including ESC) to submit the entry
  • Prevent break on CTRL-C
  • One-key entry (like Applesoft GET)
  • Convert lowercase to uppercase
  • Backspace key deletes
  • ESC clears typed text
  • Return key disabled for entry
  • Return key refuses blank entry
  • Key list is case sensitive

You can download NuInput 2.0 at http://appleii.ivanx.com/nuinput/ or email me if you have any questions. Enjoy!