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Open Apple end-of-2011 roundtable

As 2011 fades into memory and 2012 shines bright, the hosts of the Open Apple podcast are joined on an end-of-year roundtable by Tony Diaz of Syndicomm, Sean Fahey of, Andy Molloy of Juiced.GS, and Eric Shepherd of Sheppyware to reflect on all that has happened with the Apple II and its community in […]

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Steve Jobs wins a Grammy

More precisely,  a Special Merit Award.  The Recording Academy yesterday released its annual list of Grammy Award nominees and at the same time, the 2012 Special Merit Awards recipients.  This year’s list includes the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  Jobs will posthumously receive the Trustee Award at a special invitation-only ceremony to be held during Grammy […]

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The Guy Who Sold the Apple Docs For $1.6 Million and the Guy Who Sold Them for $500

In the aftermath of the bidding craze at the Sotheby’s auction which resulted in the $1.6 million dollar sale of the Apple founding partnership document, KQED News has posted an article highlighting both Ron Wayne, the third and often unheralded co-founder who sold the three-page document for $500; and Wade Saadi, the seller behind this […]

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Apple document goes for $1.35M at Sotheby’s auction

The Apple Computer Company Partnership Agreement, which established Apple as a partnership between Jobs, Woz and Ron Wayne and was signed by all three co-founders, went for an incredible $1.35 million dollars at a Sotheby’s auction yesterday.  Once you add in all the various fees attached to the sale, the final cost weighs in at […]

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Robert Noyce gets a Google Doodle for his 84th birthday

Robert Noyce would have turned 84 today, and Google decided to give him a posthumous birthday present in the form of one of their famous Doodles.  Considered one of the inventors of the microchip, Noyce was nicknamed the “Mayor of Silicon Valley”.  Noyce co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and then left to co-found Intel with […]