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Age of Reason BBS offline

Gene Buckle reported today that the Apple IIe that hosted the Age of Reason BBS was the victim of power surges resulting from recent heavy snow in his area of western Washington.  Gene is hopeful that he can have the board back up shortly, assuming the Focus IDE controller survived.

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Brazilian Apple II clone schematics

This morning, a PDF scan of a book containing the schematics of the Apple II clones (and other computers) produced by Brazilian company CCE was made available via bittorrent.  The MC-4000 and MC-4000 //e — clones of the Apple II Plus and IIe, respectively — are covered, as well as the MV-12, a composite monitor […]

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Bob Cook of Sun Remarketing interviewed

David Greelish, who last month made tech news headlines for his in-depth interview with John Sculley and his troubled relationship with Steve Jobs during their days together at Apple, has posted an audio interview he conducted with Bob Cook.  Cook, owner of an early Apple dealership, established Sun Remarketing in 1985 and grew it into […]

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JACE Apple II emulator updated

Brendan Robert has released an update to JACE, a Java-based Apple II emulator.  Here’s a list of the latest changes, per his comp.sys.apple2 post: Changes since last build: -Better NTSC color emulation -Fixes to prevent crashes on start (race condition in video initalization) -Tweaks to sound timing -Experimental raw sound output (activate/deactivate with F7) -Help […]