David Schmidt posted to comp.sys.apple2 this morning that the latest version of ADTPro is now available to Apple II (and III) users.  The text of his post:

This release, contrary to its “.0” suffix, isn’t revolutionary โ€“ I just ran out of digits in the mod level counter before I came up with anything extraordinary to release.  This is a collection of bug fixes and general useability improvements.

There’s growing interest in 64-bit Windows, and the RXTX dll for that platform wasn’t working correctly โ€“ so I sourced a build from our friends at cloudhopper (http://www.cloudhopper.com/opensource/rxtx/) that has been beta tested by several folks.


1.2.0 โ€“ January 14, 2012

Bug fixes:

  * [Server] Integrate Cloudhopper’s 64-bit Windows RXTX dll รขโ‚ฌ” fixes 2-way Windows 7 64-bit serial communications

  * [Server] If a serial configuration isn’t usable, it doesn’t just put up the dialog box saying you should change the configuration โ€“ it brings up the change configuration dialog so you can actually do it

  * [Server] Be consistent when automatically adding file suffixes (.dsk vs. .DSK)

  * [Client] Don’t lock out interrupts during program execution รขโ‚ฌ” it hinders things like the GS Desk Accessory bringup

  * [Client] Apple /// responds a little better to “disk switched” notifications like those produced by the CFFA300 card

  * [Client] Apple /// Ethernet screen layout was missing DHCP configuration option

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