Egan Ford’s Apple Disk Server, which is an off-shoot of his Apple Game Server ONLINE! has been in development for a while now and has reached beta v5.

Apple Disk Server BETA v5

Here’s a list of all the changes since the project first came online earlier this month.

Jan 8, 2012
* Beta v5 released.
* Extra second of padding for slower drives.

Jan 7, 2012
* Beta v4 released.
* New 8KFI option that uses more reliable 8000 bps code.  Try HIFI first, if that does not work use 8KFI.  8kFI works with emulators too.
* All audio files volume decreased from 100% to 75%.
* In-line help.

Jan 6, 2012
* Beta v3 released.
* New INSTA-DISK with less padding.
* FORMAT and NO-FORMAT options. NO-FORMAT assumes preformatted diskette.
* All audio files volume increased from 75% to 100%. I cannot go any higher.

Jan 5, 2012
* Beta v2 released.
* All audio files volume increased from 50% to 75%.

Jan 3, 2012
* Beta released.

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