David Greelish, who last month made tech news headlines for his in-depth interview with John Sculley and his troubled relationship with Steve Jobs during their days together at Apple, has posted an audio interview he conducted with Bob Cook.  Cook, owner of an early Apple dealership, established Sun Remarketing in 1985 and grew it into a successful direct marketing enterprise, eventually selling over $100 million in used Apple II, III, Lisa and Macintosh equipment before selling the company in 2006.  The Sun Remarketing name will no doubt be familiar to Apple II users as a reliable source of quality, affordable hardware long after Apple Computer, Inc. discontinued their favorite machines.

Among other stories, Bob relates his experiences with getting the business off the ground by selling 3,500 Apple III’s that were formerly used by Apple employees, before Jobs ordered them replaced by Macintosh’s (the III’s, not the employees), as well as having to watch the more than 2,700 Lisa computers in his inventory taken from his warehouse by Apple and buried in the legendary Utah landfill.

You can listen to the interview, which clocks in at just over 45 minutes, here.

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