According to this article over at IGN, Brian Fargo, the man behind the original Apple II hit Wasteland, wants to create a sequel and he’s looking to fund it through a Kickstarter campaign.  Plans are still vague at this point and the campaign has yet to go live, but you can read Brian’s thoughts on the project here and here.  From the IGN interview:

He doesn’t know if it’d be straight up called Wasteland 2, but he repeatedly emphasized that, despite having thought about it for only 48 hours, it wouldn’t be a crazy genre change up. Wasteland, whatever its called, will be “100% faithful to its roots.” This means a Wasteland game that “would be focusing on top-down, probably isometric, party based, skill based — where if you’d just finished playing Wasteland and moved onto this you’d feel comfortable.”

Apple II Wasteland gameplay video

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