Juiced.GS, the longest-running Apple II print publication, today announced a new site design and a new online store.  To celebrate the occasion, a new sale has begun.  Current publisher and editor Ken Gagne explains the site update:

“Although Juiced.GS is primarily a print publication, we understand the importance of having an online presence. Juiced.GS has had a Web site for more than a decade and over the years has grown its aesthetic and functionality. Most recently, in 2009, we switched our online publishing platform to WordPress. Shortly thereafter, we introduced a blog component. And a year later, we added an online index. All of these changes were important for their time, but in 2012, they are showing their age. It’s time for a new look!

“Please enjoy this freshly remodeled Juiced.GS Web site. With rotating banner images and dropdown navigation, we expect the site to be the best-looking, easiest-to-use iteration of our site ever. We’ve also migrated to a new online store, where you can order subscriptions, back issues, and Concentrate PDFs and pay via cash, check, PayPal, Google Checkout (new!), or Dwolla (coming soon!), all secured via SSL.”

And here are the details on the sale:

“To commemorate this update, we’re having our first-ever online sale: all back issues are now 20% off! This sale runs March 1—31, 2012. International shipping fees still apply. If you encounter any issues with this promotion or our new checkout system, please contact us. (Orders placed the week of March 11 will ship the following week.)”

Additionally, the Juiced.GS online index has been updated, and new staff additions have been named.

You can take a look a the site redesign and get all the latest information on all things Juiced.GS here.

Full disclosure: I’m a Juiced.GS staff writer.

Mike is the editor-in-chief of A2Central, as well as a blogger and rescuer of classic manuals and books.