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AppleCommander gets Apple GEOS file support

The Java-based AppleCommander disk image handling application has been updated to add support for Apple GEOS files.  According to the comp.sys.apple2 post by David Schmidt: AppleCommander command line support has been added to properly place cc65-produced GEOS files on ProDOS images.  John Matthews has posted the build in the AC download page: This […]

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Selling the Apple II: Three true stories

CNET’s Rafe Needleman celebrates the 35th anniversary of the introduction of the Apple II with a few anecdotes from his days as a high schooler selling computers as a summer job at the local Computer Connection store.  Discussed are Dan Bricklin’s killer app, VisiCalc; Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Graphics Tablet System; and a Corvus 10 Meg hard disk system that […]

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Drift released

Daniel Kruszyna today announced the released of a disk of Apple II music called ‘Drift’.  The artists who contributed to the collection are Daniel, Antoine Vignau,Wade Clarke and Melissa Barron.  Visit this page for more information, or download the emulator-ready disk image here.  

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Over at, Technologizer’s Harry McCracken has listed 14 great celebration ideas to commemorate the 35th birthday of the Apple II.  Our favorite?  #13: Attend KansasFest!  Also worth a read: Harry’s 35th Anniversary Tribute to Apple’s First Iconic Product.  And check out the photo gallery while you’re there. (HT Ken Gagne)