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1984 Video of Woz unearthed, posted

In 1984, Woz visited the East Ohio Apple Corps to introduce the new Macintosh and discuss plenty of other Apple related topics.  The video doesn’t include the actual Macintosh intro, but Woz gives a detailed history of the early days of Apple including Mike Marrkula and Ron Wayne, the development of the Disk II drive, his […]

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Ewen Wannop creates Sweet16 Starter Kit, updates SAM2 and SNAP

Ewen Wannop announced via Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.apple2 that he has created a starter kit for the popular Apple IIgs emulator, ‘Sweet16′. Ewen’s announcement is attached: Announcing the Sweet16 Starter Kit Comprising a pre-installed disk image, and a PDF set of instructions, you only need to add a copy of Sweet16, and your favourite IIgs ROM […]

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Mockingboard v1a clones still available

Are you bummed because you wished you’d ordered a Mockingboard clone from ReactiveMicro (before they shut down)? Do you pine for the dulcet tunes of Ultima IV or the sound effects of MB compatible games? Well, we have good news for you. The person responsible for the Mockingboard v1a production run, Tom Arnold, has made […]