Noted retro-computing enthusiast and hardware developer Mike Willegal has announced that the first batch of his ‘Super Proto’ cards will soon be available for sale. Actual pricing hasn’t been set, though its anticipated to be less than $100 USD as a kit. A bare board will also be available.

The Super Proto’s base feature set includes:

  • Onboard 32K EEPROM – only 2K is normally addressable from Apple’s C800-CEFF and CX00-CXFF I/O space
  • EEPROM is programmable directly from the Apple II’s 6502.
  • Glue logic integrated in 22V10 GAL – replaces a number of 74LS glue chips that are commonly seen in designs like the Super Serial Card and the Mockingboard
  • Data bus fully buffered with 74LS245
  • PCB location for 6522A VIA, with no additional glue logic required
  • Two general purpose proto areas
  • Locations for more than 5 300 mill DIP chips of varying pin count
  • With 6522 VIA, room for an additional 40 pin dip package. This does cut into 300 mill DIP area, but it should be possible build a 3 channel Mockingboard on the Super Proto board.
  • Synthesized psuedo PH2 clock available – was required for 6522 interface

Mike says his Super Proto card “takes care of all the heavy-lifting of interfacing to the Apple II.”