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New JACE build released

Brendan Robert has released a new build of the Java Apple Computer Emulator (JACE). Ă‚ According to Brendan’s post to comp.sys.apple2, this build includes the following: +New MetaCheat function lets you search for memory locations and alter them in the runtime.Ă‚  It’s also really useful for snooping on memory as well. Ă‚  +2MG disk support now […]

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ADTPro 1.2.2 released

David Schmidt has released the latest version of the do-it-all disk image transfer utility, ADTPro.Ă‚  Version 1.2.2 includes the following updates: 1.2.2 – July 22, 2012 New functionality: Ă‚ Ă‚  [Server] ShrinkIt “SDK” disk images are recognized and dealt with as any other disk image Bug fixes: Ă‚ Ă‚  [Client] A bug was introduced in 1.2.1 due […]

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Melissa Barron’s unique floppy disk sleeves

If you are subscribed to Juiced.GS, you’re one of the lucky people who received not only another issue of great Apple II content, but a 5.25? floppy disk containing the recently-releasedĂ‚ DriftĂ‚ demos, as well. Ă‚ The disks came in hand-made floppy jackets designed by Apple II artistĂ‚ Melissa Barron, and yesterday, she posted to herĂ‚ 

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Spectrum and other titles reclassified

From Ewen Wannop’s posting earlier this morning: As my contribution to KFest ’12, I am reclassifying all my commercial software. From now on, all my commercial titles that have been sold by Syndicomm are now Freeware, and can be downloaded either from Syndicomm at no cost, or from my own web site: The titles […]