Image source: Mike Willegal’s Apple-1 Registry

AOL’s DailyFinance News reports that another original Apple-1 computer is to go on the auction block at Christie’s on October 9.  This particular machine, which comes from the estate of former Apple employee Joe Copson, is expected to fetch as much as $127,000 USD, though it may go for much more.  The Inquirer notes that this is Apple-1 serial number 22.

Joe’s machine is listed on Mike Willegal’s Apple-1 Registry, where it is noted that it was put up for auction on eBay back in December, 2011 and failed to sell with a starting bid of $170,000.

Update: Mike Willegal wrote in with the following information about Apple-1 serial numbers:

Apple 1’s did not have unique Apple serial numbers.  The Byte shop labelled the units they sold with a sharpie on the back.  Other units have numbered stickers on them, that were possibly added during the manufacturing process.

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