Daniel Kruszyna (AKA Krue) today made the following announcement on comp.sys.apple2.marketplace:

Melissa Barron has made available screenprints of glitches she encountered while working on her 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L project.

You can find the prints at Melissa’s Etsy store:


Here is a video of the presentation she gave about 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L at Kfest 2010:


Melissa’s description from one of the prints:

What you see is a glitch that occurred while working on 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L project on Apple II emulator. This screencap was then screenprinted onto American Masters paper. Each print is approximately 5 inches x 4 inches (paper size). The print will arrive unframed, signed, dated and numbered. All prints are packaged with care, placed inside plastic sleeves and sandwiched between cardboard.

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