*Paris, Nov. 19, 2012*

Brutal Deluxe Software releases WindowCapture. It is a utility focused on screen capture. It has been designed to help in Graphic Resources catching (backgrounds, sprites, animations, palettes…) from games running under emulators.

Unlike Windows native Screenshot functionality (PrintScreen key), WindowCapture captures only the content of a window (not the whole screen) and save the results as image files on disk (file name is auto incremented). No need to enter a graphic program anymore to paste and save.

WindowCapture can grab only a small area of the window (remove unwanted borders). Based on the number of colors available in the picture, it will save the image as GIF (256 or less) or BMP (True Colors).

WindowCapture can take One Shot or Record the screen and take pictures on a regular timing (up to 100 pictures / second). This latest feature is useful to get all the sprites used for an character animation.

WindowCapture is part of the Brutal Deluxe’s Cross Developpement Tools Project, a full set of utilities available on Windows (and other) platforms to enable the creation of new Apple IIgs software: 65c816 Assembler, 65c816 Disassembler, 65c816 Simulator, Graphic File Converter, Resource Catcher…

WindowCapture is Windows only and can be found at http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/products/crossdevtools/windowcapture/

Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini
Brutal Deluxe Software

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