An announcement has been made over at the Eamon Adventurer’s Guild Online blog regarding Eamon Adventure #255: Tenement of the Damned:

I’m very happy to announce that Eamon #255 “Tenement of the Damned” has been completed.  Frank Black was able to recover the entirety of the French program and I, in turn, translated it into English using the 6.2 Dungeon Designer Diskette. (“Maudit” is Version 6 and I felt that the English version ought to approximate the French experience as much as possible.) Finally, a menu was put in giving players the option of playing the game in either French or in English.

An official disk image is being prepared and will be made available for download “soon” and a lengthy review is planned for an upcoming issue of the Eamon Deluxe Newsletter.  In the meantime, you can stop by the Guild blog and read all about it.

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