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AppleWin emulator updated to version

AppleWin, the popular 8-bit Apple II emulator for the Microsoft Windows platform has been updated to version According to the announcement posted to comp.sys.apple2 earlier today, the following changes and fixes have been implemented: Changes: . [Feature #005557] Support DOSMaster image created by Apple Oasis. . [Feature #003272 and #005335] Support 2x windowed mode: […]

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Apple II history book announced

Dr. Steven Weyhrich of has announced, “Sophistication & Simplicity: The Life & Times of the Apple II Computer“, a book based on his extensive and meticulous research into the history of the Apple II. …for the past year, I have been working on revisions and updates to the history, and a re-ordering of the […]

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Activision releases “Lost Treasures of Infocom” for iOS

This isn’t the first z-machine interpreter for Apple’s mobile operating system, but Activision’s just-released “Lost Treasures of Infocom” for iOS is the first official way to play many of Infocom’s classic text adventures on your iPhone or iPad.  The app is available for free from the App Store and comes with Zork I: The Great Underground […]