AppleWin, the popular 8-bit Apple II emulator for the Microsoft Windows platform has been updated to version According to the announcement posted to comp.sys.apple2 earlier today, the following changes and fixes have been implemented:

. [Feature #005557] Support DOSMaster image created by Apple Oasis.
. [Feature #003272 and #005335] Support 2x windowed mode:
– Toggle between 1x and 2x by using Resize button (or F6).
– Full screen now enabled by CTRL+Resize button (or CTRL+F6).

. [Feature #004346] Don’t show mousetext for original Apple //e.
. Fixed HDD firmware to allow epyx_californiagames_iicplus.2mg to boot.
. HDD firmware: Added support for SmartPort entrypoint.
– “Prince of Persia (Original 3.5 floppy for IIc+).2mg” now boots
. [Bug #018455] Improved rendering speed of debugger view.

Download it here.

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