Ewen Wannop has released ByteBagger, a new NDA for the IIGS, and updated his popular SAFE2 FTP program.

Announcing the first release of the ByteBagger NDA

  • ByteBagger is an NDA that lets you view the raw data from either the data or resource fork of any file, and search for target strings within that fork using either Hex or ASCII data.
  • ByteBagger optionally allows you to edit the data using either Hex or ASCII data fields, and then write the changed data back to the file.
  • ByteBagger can change the filetype and auxtype of a file.
  • ByteBagger has a low memory impact, so can be used while other memory intensive apps are running.
  • ByteBagger is supported directly by SAFE 2.2.6 onwards.

SAFE 2.2.6 Update

There have been several bug fixes, which are listed in the Version.History file included in the archive. There are also a number of new features and interface improvements, of which the main new features are:

  • Reworked the ‘Retrieve File’ download function to a ‘Download Linked File’ function. This now allows downloads from both FTP and HTTP servers.
  • The Home and Away file lists are now sorted, are targetable, and can be navigated using the character or arrow keys.
  • You now move an item in the Favourites editor directly with the arrow keys.
  • The Balloon NDA is now directly supported for automatically unpacking downloaded files.
  • If you double click a file name in the Home folder, SAFE2 will now send out an IPC call to see if any NDA can handle that file.
  • SideClick is supported for many of the dialogs, for instance to allow copying of full paths and URLs.
  • Encoded characters in a command string will now be decoded before sending.

To get either of these applications, and their PDF manuals, as well as my other software, go to:  http://www.wannop.info./speccie

Cheers – Ewen

Mike is the editor-in-chief of A2Central, as well as a blogger and rescuer of classic manuals and books.