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Open Apple #33 (Dec 2013): Andrew Schultz, interactive fiction, JSMESS, and SCOTTEVEST

This month on Open Apple, the Apple II community’s only monthly podcast, Mike and Ken chat with Andrew Schultz — gamer, FAQ author, and Interactive Fiction Competition winner. Text adventures are enjoying a resurgence in popularity and access, and Andrew guides us through the tools and resources available for aspiring game authors. Both Steve Weyhrich’s […]

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They’re back! Ultimate Apple 2 and ReactiveMicro announce re-opening

Good news from Anthony Martino and Henry Courbis! After a lengthy hiatus, they’re coming back online and will soon start offering products to the Apple II Community again. has announced that they will be distributing David Schmenk’s Apple2Pi adapter, as well as the products from their former catalog. Details are still being ironed out […]

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Students experience 30 years of Apple technology

At Kenilworth’s Joseph Sears School (Chicago, Illinois suburb), students recently participated in a ‘visual history of technology’ exhibit featuring 30 of Apple’s products from the Apple II through the latest iOS equipped devices. The exhibit is now on permanent display. The students researched the Apple computers used by their school district over the years and […]

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Keep It Simple: The Early Design Years of Apple

Via Marc Esslinger: A new book by industrial designer, Hartmut Esslinger of frog design, famous for being an early collaborator with Steve Jobs, explores how the first Apple computers got designed and developed. Hartmut provides a peek behind the scenes, into the making of the products that revolutionized the digital age, in Keep it Simple: […]

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Brutal Deluxe adds LZ4 Compression to their cross development tools

Dear All, This technical article discusses the recent LZ4 data compression algorithm and its ability to become a good multi-purpose lossless compression format for the Apple IIGS computer. Mostly for game programming area, where we have to handle multi-types of data (Graphic, Sound, Music, Code, Misc data…), the availability of one generic compression/decompression algorithm will […]