This is being posted as a service to the retro-computing community.  The following message from VCF founder and respected hobbyist Sellam Ismail appeared on the Classiccmp mailing list this evening.

eBay seller id “tvrsales” is currently selling property stolen from the Vintage Computer Festival.

If you are planning on buying anything of a vintage computer nature from eBay seller “tvrsales” in Stockton, California, please know that you are most likely bidding on stolen property.

The VCF Archives were stolen by Tri-Valley Recycling (eBay ID “tvrsales”) in cahoots with the landlords of the building where it was sold. The sordid tale can be read about through lawsuit material already on my
website for download:

Whether or not you believe Sellam’s account of this dispute, it may be wise to reconsider bidding on items from eBay user “tvrsales” until any legal issues have been settled. Caveat emptor.

Em Maginnis

Mike is the editor-in-chief of A2Central, as well as a blogger and rescuer of classic manuals and books.