Esteemed Apple IIGS programmer Ewen Wannop has released Phoenix, a file undelete utility for ProDOS and GS/OS. Ewen’s announcement is attached.

Announcing the release of the Phoenix File Un-Deleter Utility

Accidentally deleted a file from a ProDOS or GS/OS disk? Need to recover it? Then Phoenix is at hand to help you.

Phoenix handles all kinds of deleted files, from a simple text file, to a large forked file, letting you recover its data. A 100% recovery is to be expected, as long as the data has not been over-written since the file was deleted.

Phoenix handles any kind of disk, from a 5.25? floppy to a 32Mb hard drive.

Although un-deleting or exhuming a file is the primary purpose of Phoenix, in most case you will wish to copy the deleted file instead, thus preserving the integrity of your disks.

Phoenix is available as a stand-alone application, a self-booting disk image, and of course comes with a high quality PDF manual!

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