Hugh Hood has announced AppleIIWorks Envoy, a tool for adding support for classic 8-bit Appleworks to the MacOS X Finder. Attached is part of Hugh’s announcement from Usenet comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup.

AppleIIWorks Envoy is an application for Mac OS X with a two-fold purpose.

First, it provides for Mac Finder recognition of Apple II AppleWorks Files, presenting both a custom Mac Finder icon as well as a custom β€˜Kind’ description.

Second, the application implements a Spotlight metadata importer for AppleWorks Word Processor files that not only indexes the text content of these files, but also sets (2) ProDOS-related custom metadata attributes that display in the β€˜More Info’ portion of the β€˜Get Info’ window.

Hugh is looking for beta testers. So far, the software (packaged as a Universal Binary) has been tested on PPC, but needs further trials on Intel running Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion (MacOS X 10.5-10.8).