Ewen Wannop is one of the busiest and most productive programmers in the Apple II community. Ewen’s latest project is RamRunTime (PDF manual), a versatile BRAM utility NDA for the Apple IIGS. You can read all about it in Ewen’s announcement attached below.

In response to a suggestion from Jayson Smith, I have released a new NDA on my website:


Primarily intended for a IIGs with a failing or missing battery, RamRunTime is an NDA which optionally does three things. Firstly, it will restore the BRAM settings at boot, secondly, it will set the system
clock to the current time, and thirdly, it will launch an application of your choice.

RamRunTime comes with a handy Installer, which installs all the files that are needed, then reboots the system ready for use.

To use the clock set facility, you will need to have Marinetti installed and running.

I have also issued a minor update to Phoenix, which adds Lock and Unlock buttons, to let you quickly lock or unlock selected files.