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The First Apple (Kickstarter Book)

Thanks to Ken Gagne for the heads up on this story. We wanted to get in touch with Apple enthusiast groups everywhere, because of our forthcoming book—sure to be of interest to anyone who enjoys Apple and ‘70s Silicon Valley history—The First Apple. It’s the nonfiction account of the Apple-1, the first computer produced by […]

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Apple II Community embracing Raspberry Pi – UPDATED

The Raspberry Pi (RPi) is becoming a phenomenal hacker’s tool for retrocomputing enthusiasts, and the Apple II Community is no exception in benefiting from this tiny but potent little computer. Previously, we’ve covered Ivan Drucker’s fabulous A2SERVER, the ‘server in a can’ that provides a file server and network boot host for Apple IIGS and […]

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Prince of Persia source code analyzed, documented

You may recall from our prior Prince of Persia coverage that Jason Scott and Tony Diaz helped Jordon Mechner resurrect the PoP source code from Mechner’s old disks and upload it to Github. Recently, Jason Scott posted a follow-up on Facebook’s Apple II Enthusiasts group about the efforts of PoP fan Adam Green. Here’s Jason’s […]