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KansasFest 2013 is officially here

Tuesday KansasFest seemed to start early this year, as some of the Apple II faithful began arriving Monday in anticipation of Tuesday’s usual early move-in day. Once Tuesday arrived, people started unloading their gear, computers and supplies for the week-long experience. We have *several* new attendees this year, and the dorms are buzzing with rumors […]

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ADTPro 1.2.8 released

David Schmidt has released a new version of ADTPro. Details attached below: This release features a little evolution of the VDrive functionality: not just one, but two virtual drives are served to clients running the driver now. So Apple II clients see S2,D1 and S2,D2 representations of Virtual.po and Virtual2.po respectively. Apple /// clients see […]

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SPVHD updates from Cedric

After a long period without updates, Cedric has posted new info on the highly anticipated SPVHD. The Revision D is done! Additional disk image handling features, code optimization, minor hardware changes and automated milling of the cases are just some of the latest developments — and even better news: Cedric is turning up SPVHD production […]